Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grandmother Loves Pictures

Guest post from Marge Nova.

I am a grandmother of eight. I love to see all of my grand children individually and to attend their sports games, concerts, family picnics and nights out on the town with my children. Though I live very close to my family I have found that the hughes net Caldwell TX has made it easier to keep them even closer. When I cannot see my children and grandchildren due to busy schedules I can always connect with them online through email. I have found that it has been easier to connect all of my extended family together by having an account with Flickr because I can show my sister and my daughter the exciting events I went to with my son and his children. When I go out to my daugher's children's dance recitals I get to show my son and my sister the pictures of little Lila doing jumps and turns in her pink tutu on stage at her ballet recital. I have found that having an account with a photo sharing website has enriched my relationships with my extended family because we can all be involved and see what another is doing even when we are not able to be there in person. Having an photo account on Flickr takes the email photo uploading process out of the equation and allows the whole family access.