Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shopping on Cyber Monday


This is a guest post by Torri Swims

A few years ago I started to do most of my shopping online. Having HughesNet internet makes shopping online fast and easy. I can also get the best prices on the items I need the most. I was recently introduced to Cyber Monday. Basically, this day falls after Black Friday and it is the same idea but online. I was so excited to find out this exist. What better way to shop for holiday gifts then online. There are so many benefits of using the internet rather than pushing your way through the stores during the holiday season.

The first Cyber Monday I waited up until midnight. I prepared myself and visited all the websites that knew where to deals would be. I wrote down all the websites I wanted to hit and prepared my credit cards. I was able to get everything from my sons new holiday clothes to my mom’s gifts.

It is amazing what deals I was able to find, and I paid little or nothing to have all my items shipped directly to my door. So, next year when you are holiday shopping, do not waste your time in the stores as you could find much better deals online, and it is a much easier, faster, and safer way to shop.