Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Randomness and Butterflies


That's what I have in my stomach.

I didn't expect to get very nervous, but here it is, the day before I leave for my first blogging conference, and I'm nervous.

Here's the funny thing. The stuff you worry about as a teenager (at least I did), is the same!! Will I be liked? Am I wearing cool enough clothes? What will I say to people? I have the added bonus concern of not knowing what I'm talking about. I feel like a newbie.

I have been blogging since 2007, but it's been very casual. Like, stories and "pictures for Grandma and Aunt So and So" casual. Now that I am exploring the options for my blog, and maybe the chance to make a buck or two, I'm feeling insecure.

I am also feeling so excited!! First of all, I'm ready to spend a couple days having just adult conversations. Second, I'm looking forward to learning new things. And last but not least, meeting new people (although I am having some anxiety about this).

My hubby surprised me with a hair appointment today (he's the best). The only downside (and I hate to mention it)?  It's with a gal who hasn't done my hair before. I think she is good, I hope she is.

Now that my laundry is mostly done, I need to iron a couple things. I hardly ever iron. Maybe "never iron" is more accurate. Seriously. I like the look of freshly ironed clothes, I just really don't like doing it. This alone should tell you how important this weekend is to me. I am willing to iron.

Well, I'm off to have breakfast, start packing, get a hair-cut, finish packing, get my daughter packed, and hopefully not forget anything!


I hope these butterflies take a hike!