Monday, April 26, 2010

Balloons, Party Hats, and Cake. Oh My!!

We like to make birthdays a BIG DEAL at our house. My daughter will help decorate, blow-up balloons, pass-out the party favors (even if it's a party with just us), make sure everyone has a party hat, etc. It's a great time!

So, in a matter of weeks, my 3 year old is turning 4. She can't wait! I think she believes a lot is going to change once she is 4.

In the back of my mind, I have been thinking of what kind of party we should host. A princess party? A beach party (summer bday)? Another bug party (last year)? It's been hard for me to decide. Then it occurred to me, "why am I deciding this? it's her party!" When I asked her about her birthday, she did a little dance in the hall.

Then I interviewed her. Here's how it went...

Me: If you could have someone famous at your birthday party, who would it be?
Mattie: "Somebody dressed like Tinkerbell. Because she isn't real, you know."

Me: What is your favorite birthday party game?
Mattie: "Hopscotch, but i don't really know how to play."

Me: What would your cake look like?
Mattie: "TINKERBELL!!"

Me: What will it taste like?
Mattie: "I think rainbow chip. What does that taste like?"

Me: How big do you want your cake to be?
Mattie: (with arms spread wide) "This big! GIANT!!"

Me: Do you think I can make a cake like that?
Mattie: "Nope."

Well Mattie, with the help of Betty Crocker's party planning tips and ideas, I just might surprise you!

Lately, I am watching this video very closely. I think this is what I will attempt, but with a twist. I want to make mini dress cakes for each child at the party, with a small Tinkerbell in each one. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I think it will be darling! Now I just need to think of something for the little guys invited to the party. If you have any ideas, please share!

In order for me to host the very best birthday party a girl has ever seen and to record every moment of the process, I received VIP coupons, $100 gift card, a Flip video camera, and very helpful information. All were given to me from Betty Crocker and MyBlogSpark.

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