Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our simple take on the Grammys...

My 3 year old daughter is a big Bon Jovi fan. Particularly the song Livin on a Prayer. While watching the Grammys tonight, we voted and cheered for him to perform this favorite song.

 Imagine her excitement when that was the song most voted by fans!! 
There she was, singing right along (she knows all the words), loving every moment. I LOVE my girl!

A moment of surprise for ME was during the segment honoring Michael Jackson. 
As Smokey Robinson walked on stage and began singing, Mattie turned to the TV, noticed who was singing, and said "oh, it's Smokey Robinson!" 

How does she know WHO that is?! We don't listen to his music nor do we talk about him or look at pictures of him. Who knew our daughter kept up with celebrities?!

I want to know how Michael Jackson's children don't look anything like him. They are beautiful. So was Michael (in his earlier days). However, these children do not look like they have any of Michael's blood coursing through their veins. With that said, I must also say it doesn't matter. They were his and they clearly love their daddy. I appreciated seeing the support of their cousins (who all look alike).


Did you know these guys were nominated for a Grammy?! I had no idea. Unfortunately, they didn't have chance, seeing who they were up against, however, that didn't stop us from cheering them on! Way to go The Lonely Island!

(I wish I really WAS on a boat. A cruise would be nice.)