Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween

Every fairy needs a little Pixie Dust in her hair.

Another fun, candy-filled Halloween has come and gone. And what a great one it was! Mattie was so excited to put on her fairy costume, get her hair fixed, sprinkle pixie dust and say "trick or treat" to everyone she saw. Here are a couple pictures of our memorable night!

 It's hard to believe we just participated in my daughter's 4th Halloween. How have that many years already gone by? Sitting here in my seat I feel robbed! It can't be fair that time goes by so fast! How can I better treasure each moment? I want to bottle her smell-not a baby, not yet a girl-and save it for a day when I miss this time of life. I want to box up a few of the "biggest kiss of all" and "biggest hug of all" so that I can pull them out when she is at school and I miss her. I want to bottle her sweet voice that tells me she loves me frequently throughout our day together. How do you deal with the growing-up?! It's so hard for me! A few tips would be helpful...

I adore fall. The smell of dry leaves, wood burning and fresh apples. The sound of leaves crunching under my feet. The beautiful changing of the leaves and the sparse branches of trees. I love getting out my hoodies and sweaters and being able to wear jeans again (none of these are reasonable when it's over 90 degrees well into September). I try to savor every sight and smell, but the best part? It means the holidays are right around the corner!

Is that cheater miskeater? To like a season because it leads to my favorite time of year?!

I am looking around my new digs deciding where I will put my tree, stockings and other decor. I am looking in magazines and cookbooks for the tried and true recipes and a few new ones to sprinkle in.

What do you look forward to at this time of year? Please share!