Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I was overwhelmingly surprised by the memorial service for Michael Jackson today. The list of participants is long and impressive, but the feeling is what was the most memorable. I felt inspired. I felt uplifted. I felt the truth of many of the spiritual things mentioned. I was so happy to hear people talk about God and that life continues on.

I loved that John Mayer didn't sing Human Nature. In my mind I could hear Michael singing it. Usher did a fantastic job and was probably the most visibly emotional. It was tender to see him touch the casket as he sang. I haven't seen Stevie Wonder perform in awhile, it was good to hear him. The musical line-up was flawless and I loved each performance.

Brooke Shields gave a real, candid and heartfelt tribute. I really enjoyed what she had to say. I have always loved her. Some of the tributes were more yelling than I like (Rev. Sharpton and that lady from Texas), but who am I to say? As I watched everyone gather and begin singing We Are the World tears sprang to my eyes. When the family filed up for Heal the World my heart swelled. When little Paris talked about her daddy I thought of my own daughter and felt so sad. I was left missing a man I don't even know.

Obviously today was a day to focus on all the good of Michael's life. It was not a day to focus on his poor choices. I don't believe he was a moral man. I do believe he was a confused soul who didn't understand who he really was as a child of God. When the service was coming to a close all I could think was with all the good he did accomplish, how much more could he have done if he had understood who he really was.