Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today was Mattie's first dance class. She first attended a free movement class. It's not too structured and more about becoming familiar with and moving their bodies. The second class (30 minutes each) is a toddler tap dance class. I hadn't planned on enrolling her in both classes, but she loved the first one so much and wouldn't leave when the second class started!

When it came time to leave after the second class, the teacher asked the class to clap and cheer for themselves. They did such a great job! Mattie started to clap, then saw me. I guess I looked at Mattie the wrong way because then she stomped her feet and screamed.

Not our finest moment.

After she screamed she was embarrassed, ran to me and buried her face in my neck. I think she was more afraid of the trouble she might be in. She has learned that we do not scream, especially not like that. Anyway, gotta love the two year olds!

Dance class was a success. I guess I'm off to buy a leotard, tights and tap shoes!