Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The House

(this picture was taken the day before Thanksgiving, don't you love all those leaves?!)

We moved into our "new to us" house on October 29th (I think). The week previous we had helped the family living here move-out and then we moved our things into the garage while the house and carpets were cleaned. It was a day of juggling, but in the end everything came together. For a week or so we stayed at my mom and dad's. The day we got to "come home" was exciting! I felt like I had to pinch myself all day.

That morning we all had breakfast together and then Matt and his parents headed to the house while I got me and Mattie ready. I guess when they got to the house the carpet smelled so bad it nearly knocked them over! Upon further inspection, the carpet was also crusty. The company that had cleaned the carpet did a poor job. Our landlord didn't even know. So, all the windows and doors were open ALL day as we unpacked, organized and cleaned as we went.

Matt's mom and dad came down to help out. My angel mother-in-law unpacked my entire kitchen (dishes, food, everything)! She even took the time to wipe out all the shelves in the kitchen and pantry. It was so nice to not have to worry about it.

My father-in-law helped us reinforce several pieces of furniture that had suffered in the move. He was a huge help! For most of the day we couldn't find the pieces for Mattie's bed. We all looked high and low for hours trying to think where they could have been placed. I think my mother-in-law was the one who finally found them. That was a relief!

We wrapped up the day with Papa John's pizza. It was a wonderful feeling to be in a house. To not have neighbors on every side knocking, fighting, smoking, coughing, showering, flushing the toilet, talking, listening to music too loud, etc. We love having a yard, trees, grass, room to spread out and just be.

The Lord knew we needed the change. He also knew the financial hardships we would be facing as soon as we moved. They were unexpected and potentially devastating. Our current landlord has been great to work with and very generous, in a way our previous landlord never would have been. We are so grateful. Our parents have been especially generous these past few months. We are able to stay here because of them! This time has been hard, stressful, heart-breaking, faith building, strengthening, educating and humbling. We had some important lessons to learn, and we are.

In the middle of our own drama, my nephew came to live with us. Matt had talked to him Thanksgiving weekend and offered our home as a place he could live and make some important life changes and decisions. Having him here has put us all on our toes. All I can say is that the Lord knew what we all needed and orchestrated it in a way we could never have imagined.

Our world has changed and I think we are better for it.

(Taken at 12:30am. I had spent all night cleaning the dang place! This was my last time there.)