Monday, July 7, 2008

Drumroll Please!

I did it! I got up and went R-U-N-N-I-N-G this morning. There is a program called Couch-to-5K that I started today. It KICKED my butt man. I REALIZE I only ran for 8 intervals over 30 minutes, but when you do that after being a "couch potato" it's HARD!

I also learned that I have to go much earlier in the morning if I don't want to fall over from the heat. I think 6:30AM is that latest I can go. Since the program has you start out at 3x a week, I have decided to go M-W-F. I think Matt is going to do the program too. Then we can run together on Saturdays! We want to find a 5K we can do in the fall that is local. We also want to take Mattie along with us. That's why we want to run together on the weekend, so we can take Mattie along for the ride. Thankfully we have a jogging stroller.

I have so many fun 4th of July pics to share. I'll do that later today or tomorrow.