Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's a Mommy To Do?

First, I found my daughter after she had been dipping her blankets (3 of them) in the toilet and then climbed in after them (everything is SOAKED!).

Next, not an hour later, my daughter had taken my FULL water bottle and emptied it ALL OVER the living room (I was not watching for 5 minutes - I had to check my cooking chicken). Couch and chair cushions are all soaked. Right now they are lining the hallway airing out.

Then, not an hour after THAT, I found her standing on top of the tipped over ottoman surrounded by the DVD's she had emptied out of the case the ottoman HAD been blocking.

Right now I have her plopped on the cushion-less couch watching a M*ckey M*use Cl*bhouse DVD. It's heaven...

So, to recap, days without a daddy are rough on a girl and a mommy.

*Sorry, no pictures. I was too caught up in "clean-up" mode to even think of getting my camera.