Friday, February 15, 2008

"Fondue Date Night"

Did any of you see that episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond"? Robert's wife (I can't remember her name) had planned a "fondue date night" and she talked about it at the most random times throughout the entire episode. The night was a bust and the episode was hilarious!

Sooooo..... that's what we did for Valentine's Day. We had our own "fondue date night"! However, ours was delicious and very successful!

I made the traditional cheese sauce and we dipped chicken, kielbasa, peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and bread. It was so yummy!

Then for dessert we made the traditional chocolate sauce and dipped bananas, marshmallows, donuts and peaches. It was so rich and we were so full from dinner that we didn't eat much.

Thursday's are a marathon at our house. It starts early and ends late (because of Matt's school classes). So, our dinner, with Mattie in bed, didn't start until 9:30pm. Much later than our usual dinner hour, but it was so much fun! We are pretty poor right now, with Matt starting his own business and all, so gifts were simple. I decorated Matt's new office with hearts and gave him a "box of love". In it was 8 strips of paper, one for each hour of the work day (in theory). On each strip was something I love about him. He enjoyed the surprise! Like I said in his card, it was reminiscent of high school, but also just as fun. Matt gave me a beautiful ring I had picked out in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago (pictures to follow). It was a wonderful day full of treats from neighbors, cards from Grandma Dotson and watching the Charlie Brown v-day video.

How was yours?!