Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The confession you have been checking my blog for.

I am finally going to spill my ever lovin' beans!

Remember a couple posts ago when we all talked about our morning routines? Well, my confession is my morning routine. It's almost shameful. It's one of my New Year's Resolutions. It's something that didn't happen until I had a daughter who liked to sleep in.

9:00 am WAKE-UP!! I am not kidding you folks! There are days it might even be later! It's the painful and shameful truth.

The rest of the routine is the usual mommy run through:
Breakfast, cartoons, toys, stories, songs, nap.
Lunch, more cartoons, more toys, more stories, more songs and dropped nap #2 a few months ago.

6:00 pm (ish) Dinner and Daddy time!

8:30 pm Bedtime (for Mattie)

My bonus confession is that I go to bed LATE. I used to be in bed by 10:00 every night. I had to be at work early and there wasn't much to stay up for. My day was my own and I spent my time the way I wanted. Those days ended when Mattie was born. My problem is that I stay asleep until she wakes me up. I don't get my exercise in ( I long to be a runner). I rarely get my scripture time in. The drop dead honest truth? I HAVE NO EXCUSE!

You all have been an absolute inspiration and a fountain of ideas! Your morning routines are something to be envied and I am going to be making some changes. I'll keep you posted! If you have any more tips, pass them on.