Saturday, July 14, 2007

Up all night...

Ugh, I was up all night working on a video for our youth conference fireside on Sunday. Going to bed at 3:30am and up at 8:00am with Mattie is just not enough sleep (working on my daily saltwater). Luckily, the video is almost done. I'll just take a nap with Mattie in a couple of hours.

The cleanse is going well. Although I haven't lost the pounds Matt has, I have lost inches all over. The biggest change is the size of my "sugar belly". That's what I call at least. I love sweets and my belly shows it. I also love CARBS and those turn to sugar if it's not whole grain. SO, this cleanse has been a benefit so far.

To be honest, although my cravings are less, I still crave eating. If I could have anything to eat at this exact moment it would probably a yummy breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and OJ. Mmmmmm... that sounds so good!

Matt is the theater RIGHT NOW watching the new Harry Potter movie. Although I wish I could see the movie I'm not sure about the 8:45am movie time... I'll go next week.